Yamaha FG800S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar Review

Looking at Yamaha FG800S you might get a nagging feeling that acoustic guitars are all dime a dozen. They all look the same and you expect all to be cheap because, really, they do not look like anything special. That was our first assessment of the FG800S as well. But, admittedly, we were dead wrong. Even though this guitar looks pretty ordinary it easily outranks more expensive models in terms of sound quality and playability. It actually feels like a $ 500 instrument but comes at an affordable price of just below $ 200.

Features of Yamaha FG800S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

  • First of all, this is a Yamaha, so the quality of make is not something that can be easily disputed. Even though this is their cheapest FG model, Yamaha is not compromising quality and the guitar is definitely built to last. It weighs in at 6.7 pounds so it’s not too heavy to handle and comes in two sized, dreadnaught and concert.
  • Solid Sitka spruce top – The top is solid Sitka, a wood predominately used to build acoustic guitars and pianos, not only because it looks stunning but also because it resonates so beautifully and produces warm tones.
  • Mahogany sides and back – You simply can’t go wrong with mahogany. It gives an instrument a much classier look in addition to doing wonders for the sound and the durability. Sides and back of FG800S are covered in mahogany and make it really easy on the eyes.
  • Headstock – The headstock is a traditional three-a-side one that brandishes die-cast tuning machines made from chrome. Quality-built, this headstock allows you to tune the guitar with ease without having to constantly tweak it.

The Advantages of Yamaha FG800S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

  • Slimmer neck – The slim neck on this model allows you to pull off some wild finger-twisting escapades and to really push your limit on it. Fingering is quite easy and you can slide down the fretboard without the worry of not reaching a particular string you have in mind.
  • Suitable for playing numerous styles – Another thing that’s great about this acoustic guitar is that it is very versatile. Depending on how you play it, picks or fingers, you can get a variety of tones out of it and play anything that ranges from jazz and country to metal music.
  • 3 body builds and a variety of colors – If nato body is not to your particular liking you can also choose between a mahogany body and a rosewood body. And if that is not enough feel free to customize more by picking any color you like, from sunburst to cobalt aqua!
  • There is, however, one thing that players point out as a slight fault on this model, and that is the fact that it doesn’t have a cutout body. This makes the upper frets more for show than anything else, but regardless of that, most people point out that it is a great beginner acoustic guitar.

The Bottom Line

Yamaha FG800S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar is one of the best beginner models on the market and wildly different from anything out there in terms of quality and sound. If you are looking for a well-built guitar that is going to last and not just fall apart in a year, then look no further, this is the one you should definitely be getting!