Rogue Classic Spider Resonator Sunburst Squareneck Review

If you are a fan of the ol’ country music then your best bet would be to get a great affordable resonator guitar that can give you that trademark tone that The Deep South is famous for. Rogue’s resonator guitar has that signature Dobro feel but minus the hefty price tag that usually accompanies a Dobro. If you’re looking to play those old country hits then this is definitely a guitar for you!

Features of Rogue Classic Spider Resonator Sunburst Squareneck

The Rogue Classic comes in two different styles, as a square neck and a round neck style. The guitar is pretty much the same all-around. The only difference is that square necks can take a bit more when it comes to string tension on certain tunings. We will be focusing here on a square neck but keep in mind that everything also applies to a round neck!

  • Mahogany and spruce body – The guitar is built from spruce wood and mahogany, two types of wood that are also called tonewoods because they enhance the sound of an unplugged instrument. The mahogany finish gives it a nice vintage look as well.
  • Spun aluminum resonator – 10 ½ inches spun aluminum resonator is a delicate piece of work that enhances the sound of this guitar. Its intricate look also makes it a stunning piece to look at and gives the guitar a very out-worldly look.
  • Spider Bridge – A spider cone bridge is what sets this resonator apart from the bunch. It is made from metal and is straddling the cone, and accounts for a different sound that you would normally get from a resonator guitar.

The Advantages of Rogue Classic Spider Resonator Sunburst Squareneck

  • Low-mid range – Rouge is a guitar that is tonally more inclined towards those mid and lower tones. They are loud and pack a punch but the overall feel is much warmer than even in some more expensive resonator guitars.
  • Dynamic feel – Since both the sides and the back are made out of mahogany the sound is well-rounded and parries well with the spun metal feel that gets resonated from the aluminum. It actually makes the sound ring clearer and sound balanced.
  • Affordable quality – This guitar is great value-for-money and you will be hard-pressed to find a better resonator at a lower price.
  • All buyers mostly agree that this is a great catch for a resonator guitar; however, some note that particular models might come with a slightly loose metal plate at the lower end of the body so it’s best to check that. It can be easily fixed but is potentially dangerous if you put too much stress on the strings.

The Bottom Line

If you’re into playing bluegrass and country and you are looking for a good affordable resonator guitar, your search is at an end! Rogue Classic Spider Resonator Sunburst Squareneck is an excellent guitar and we’re tempted to call it a complete bargain seeing as it is priced well below a $ 250 price point. You certainly won’t regret adding this one to your collection!