Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar Review

When it comes to electric guitars, especially entry-level electric guitar, you need to know what you want and what to buy. There are some dirt-cheap guitars out there that are not worth a buck. Luckily, Epiphone SG Special is not one of those guitars even though it is similarly priced. It sells for well under $ 200 but the quality of make and the materials used is great. Some buyers report buying the guitar 10 years ago and saying that it's still going strong to this day!

Features of Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar

This is a rather good-looking guitar that is packed with a number of features that Epiphone is known to style their guitars with, regardless of whether we’re talking about their custom-built Les Paul’s or entry level guitars. Its sleek design and appealing finish will win you over in an instant, but the quality of tone and playability are what really sets this guitar apart from the pack.

  • Bolt-on neck – While some people do not like the bolt-on neck in general, we feel it hardly gets the respect it deserves. This particular one is made of maple and provides you with the durability and the fact that it is slimmer than usual makes it a lot easier to play.
  • Open coil Humbucking pickups – these noise free pickups are really something! Voiced exclusively for neck and bridge positions (650R and 700T respectfully) they are excellent for achieving that growly and gritty rock tone that you set your mind to.
  • Solid mahogany body – While it is a bit unusual to see an entry-level guitar built from solid mahogany, it is definitely not a minus. It makes the guitar look slick and stylish and it certainly improves the quality of sound and playability.

The Advantages of Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar

  • Tune-o-Matic bridge – Epiphone equips all of their guitars with their signature Tune-o-Matic bridge that makes it a lot easier to change strings and adapt them to your needs. You will see this on every one of their models and it became a sort of a signature build.
  • Tone/Killpot control – in addition to a 3-way toggle pickup selector this particular model is fitted with tone/killpot toggle that allows you to switch between a Killswitch and regular tone control.
  • Cutout body –In addition to making it look extremely great and hardcore, Epiphone SG cutout body allows you to easily reach those high frets and really use the full length of the fretboard for some excellent plays!
  • Even though this is a great beginner electric guitar, some buyers note that it would be really nice if it had double volume and tone controls. Also, the note that the strings that come with it are not particularly good is it’s best to change those immediately.

The Bottom Line

If you’re on the market for an excellent yet inexpensive electric guitar for beginners, you’ve just struck gold! Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar is a great entry-level guitar with some excellent features and costs well under $ 200 bucks. It is a great investment for both beginners and slightly more experienced players!