Epiphone DOT ES Style Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar Review

Finding something like this Epiphone Dot Archtop guitar selling on the market for under $ 500 is completely insane but that is what the retail price of this baby is. This is a semi-hollow guitar meaning that it is somewhere in the semi-acoustic type range but Epiphone really goes all out with this model, providing us with a value-for-money ratio that cannot be easily surpassed by the competitors. Suffice to say that this guitar is often compared to the Gibson ES-335, although its price is much more palatable.

Features of Epiphone Dot Archtop Electric Guitar

This is definitely one quality-built guitar that could have easily gone for around the $ 800 thanks to the craftsmanship and electronics that went into building it. Its slim but jumbo body makes it a beauty and allows you to easily handle and play it.

  • Original semi-hollow body – Epiphone has been long making semi-hollow body guitars that are renowned in the world. This one is no different. You can achieve amazing sustain and resonance with it and it lends itself perfectly to rock and roll.
  • Mahogany neck – The exquisite mahogany neck fitted on this guitar really makes it a stunner but it also improves the quality of sound. Rosewood fingerboard is fitted with dot inlays and should be regularly cleaned – you may also want to treat it with wood oil occasionally.
  • Alnico Classic humbucker pickups – Pickups are an integral part of every electric guitar set up. These quality Alnico Classic pickups allow you to play a variety of styles and are what the guitar owes its signature semi-hollow sound.

The Advantages of Epiphone Dot Archtop Electric Guitar

  • Great tone – This guitar brings beautiful sustain to the table. Amplified sounds are clear and chunky which is especially noticeable when fingering on the midrange, and in the overdrive, the tones are aggressive with some pretty wicked lows.
  • Superb electronics control – Each of the pickups is separately controlled, which is something you rarely see in mid-range priced guitars. You will have tone and volume controls for both pickups, as well a 3-way toggle that allows you to change pickup configuration.
  • Quality build – This guitar is truly built to last, from the way it is put together at joints to the finish. It feels completely solid, even though it’s actually a semi-hollow. It will put up with a lot of beating just make sure not to drop it since the sides dent easily.
  • It is really difficult to find anything wrong with this guitar! We tried hard but didn’t manage to come up with something. All we’re going to say is that it is a bit pricier than most entry-level guitars and leave it at that. For the record, though, we don’t really think this is an entry-level guitar!

The Bottom Line

Epiphone Dot Archtop Electric Guitar is a great choice for both beginner guitarists and seasoned veterans! It is slightly more expensive than what entry-level marketed guitars go for, but trust us, this is not an entry-level guitar! If you decide to get it, rest assured that you will be using it for years to come!