About Us

Welcome and thank you for checking out who we are and what we do! Here at Guitars for First-Timers we strive to provide accurate and to-the-point information about guitars! We appreciate how difficult it can be at times to make up your mind about an instrument that you are passionate about.

Guitars are fickle and you want to make sure that you choose the one that suits your personality and play style to the tee. Also, you want to be able to play all your favorite tunes on it. Not every guitar will play rock, and not every is suitable for blues or country music. So it is quite important to understand the genre of music you are going for and to get a your beginner guitar that will support it.

Choices are vast and numerous and you want to make sure that you choose guitar that you will use, and not just leave sitting aside because it is not what you expected it to be! This is where we come in!​

Who Are We​

Only the smartest and the brightest gather here behind Guitars for First-Timers in hopes of helping you make a smart purchasing decision when it comes to buying a best beginner guitar for you! We are all passionate players and we want to emphasize that we do this out of love, not money. We enjoy playing and writing up a short review after the fact is not a problem. We actually want more people to play so bring it on!

We deliberately test only entry-level equipment as we know that experienced players can easily find a great pick for themselves without requiring extra assistance. However, when you are picking out your first guitar you need all the help you can get, right?

What Do We Do​

After testing out and playing on the guitars our team gathers to score and rate them, and we provide you with a brief description of our top picks! All our reviews are impartial and reliable, as we have no interest in favoring one manufacturer over the other. We are not sponsored by any company so keep in mind that reviews written are an honest opinion of a team of professionals that have worked on them.

Our goal here is to help a beginner make an informed decision when purchasing a guitar and to guide you through the process of selecting a guitar that best fits your individual needs!​