Best Beginner Guitar Reviews

Best Beginner Guitar Reviews

From learning to master haunting harmonics or speedy tremolos to executing a metal influenced string tapping solo, mastering the guitar and all of its techniques becomes a labor of love for those willing to put in the necessary time. Once you start on the sometimes arduous path of guitar mastery, there are no shortcuts, but you can expect many hours of enjoyment. Nothing is quite as exciting as hearing yourself faithfully reproduce a favorite melody or developing your own unique sound.

There are many types of guitars to choose from in a plethora of styles and shapes, but which type of guitar is best for a beginner? When choosing a guitar, it’s important to know the type of sound you want to create. You can choose from an acoustic guitar, an electric, a semi-acoustic for the blend, or even a bass guitar for that extra soulful, deep sound. In this guide, we are going to walk through some of the types of guitars that are best for a beginner and what to expect from each.

​The Best Beginner Guitars

Types of Beginner Guitars

In the past, a guitar was simply a six string instrument, sporting a hollow body, a fret board, and invariably, a 3+3 headstock. Extending into antiquity, the first guitar is suspected to have been created more than three thousand years ago. In modern times, many guitar types have branched out from this ancient archetype. In this section, we’ll give the aspiring beginner guitarist an idea on what to expect as they begin their journey.​

Acoustic Guitars

Jasmine S35

This is the most traditional iteration of this classic instrument. These types of guitars can be very inexpensive. You can find a cheap acoustic guitar for sale online for as little as 40 dollars, or you can decide upon a very financially taxing guitar. Some of the most expensive guitars can cost as much as several thousand dollars. Typically, the variance that differentiates the price is in the makeup of the guitar, as more discerning materials and construction can cost more money.

This type of guitar is best for those who don’t want to purchase an amp to hear resonating melodies, as the hollow body will create beautiful sounds unassisted. In most cases, you can expect a 3+3 style headstock from this type of guitar, meaning the six strings are attached by threes on either side of the headstock of the guitar.

When it comes to the strings, the types you will find on an acoustic guitar can vary. Many acoustics have steel strings, which vibrate well and feel very solid while strumming. Steel also provides a completely different sound than other types, and an acoustic guitar that has steel strings is perfect creating rock, country, or blues. The top four strings for this type are typically wound steel whereas the bottom two strings are unwound and appear almost wire-like.

Another fairly common type of strings for acoustic guitars is nylon strings. Many beginners enjoy this feature because the strings can be more comfortable for the fingertips. The strings are so non-abrasive to the fingers that this type of string is often used on children’s guitars. The tone of this type of acoustic guitar is much softer than the slightly metallic sound of a steel string acoustic guitar.

For those with a lack of experience, the tactile and visual appearance of these strings can sometimes seem strange. The highest strings appear almost plastic-like and typically have a transparent look, while the deepest strings can be actually coated in steel and are wound similarly to steel strings. This is just the appearance though, as the cores of these deeper strings are made of nylon as well.

When purchasing strings for your guitar, there is one thing that beginners should always take into consideration. For the most part, string types are not interchangeable. Placing high tension steel strings on a flamenco or classical guitar that is designed for nylon strings can cause massive damage to the neck of your guitar. The bridge and saddle of your guitar can also be unnecessarily strained by improper strings.

Gauge is also a consideration for stringing your guitar. Typically, the lighter the string, the easier it is to play. Strings with a width of .010 are the lightest, and at the opposite end of the spectrum .059 are the heaviest. Heavier strings also vibrate more than lighter strings, but they typically produce much more volume and sustainability. These types of strings are harder to bend and fret on due to their thickness. A good rule to go by when learning to play guitar, especially when learning on an acoustic, is to start with lighter strings.

Many choose an acoustic guitar to start out on due to its simplicity, though don’t expect to shred too hard on this variation on the instrument. Unfortunately, electric features like tapping and tone changing don’t work quite as well on an acoustic. Though going to the park or for a nature walk with a guitar that’s unencumbered by unwieldy wires and amps can be a genuine treat for a guitarist, neophyte or master.

Jasmine S35 Beginner Guitar Review

Jasmine S35 is a dreadnaught body-styled guitar that is perfect for beginners, or anyone else looking for a solid acoustic guitar that they would be comfortable taking on a camping trip. Simply the best acoustic guitar that is well below a $ 100, so you won’t be as guilt-ridden if you bump it around on accident. Now, you might think a hundred dollars can’t get you very far when buying a guitar, but you would be surprised. The brand is owned by KMC Music, who also own Takamine, so it’s safe to assume that they know what they are doing. This is, in fact, corroborated by numerous five-star reviews and a ton of satisfied buyers who made Jasmine S35 a best-seller!

Features of Jasmine S35​

This is the best acoustic guitar for the money that we could find. It measures about 25.5 inches in length, so it’s definitely a full-size, grown up’s guitar. If you are expecting to see a miniature children’s guitar upon opening the package (and the price point suggests that, in a way) you will be pleasantly surprised to find this beauty inside!​

  • Solid construction – Cheaper guitars usually have a notoriously shabby built. Everything seems to be in order, right up to the moment when they simply fall apart. Jasmine S35 won’t spring any nasty surprise on you, however. The assembly part of the process was done flawlessly and the guitar holds up great even after a couple of years of use.
  • Body and neck – Build in a dreadnaught style, this acoustic guitar is perfect for people who get a kick out of country music. It was popularized by folk musicians back in the day, but it’s common today, and you can play pretty much anything on it. The neck is made from quality NATO wood – not as pretty as mahogany, but still quite appealing – and the fretboard is made out of rosewood, so remember to treat it occasionally with conditioning oil.
  • Chrome hardware – The guitar boasts a decent headstock and is fitted with chrome tuning pegs that are mostly a standard for entry-level acoustic guitars.
Advantages of Jasmine S35

  • X-bracing system – The main reason why this guitar has a more than decent sound is its x-bracing system. Unlike standard guitar bracing, the x-bracing system allows the soundboard to resonate way better.
  • Easy to play – When you get the basics down, you’ll notice that this guitar is rather easy to play. The neck is a bit smaller, and the frets are not far apart, which means that your fingers won’t get tired after an hour or so of practice.
  • Extremely affordable – If you’re a beginner guitarist, chances are you don’t want to pay a lot for your first ever guitar. With Jasmine 35 you get decent sound for a ridiculously low price, so it’s definitely a bargain.

If you still want to be nit-picky, even though you’re getting a great guitar, then we feel obliged to mention that most buyers recommend replacing the stock strings that are on the guitar as soon as you unpack it. It’s going to cost you around $5, but the difference it’s going to make will be huge.

Bottom Line​

If you’re serious in your attempts to master this instrument, we urge you to buy Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar. With a little bit of fine-tuning, you’ll be able to make it into a great-sounding guitar, and the best part is that none of your friends will even know you got it for that paltry sum! We are serious; this guitar is so surprisingly good that you’ll be able to pass it off as a quality, mid-range model. As we already said here, it is the best acoustic guitar, we’re just not sure why it sells at such a low price, but hey, no complaints here!​

Electric Guitars

Epiphone LP Special II Les Paul

Want to shred and play power chords? Then, it may be time to consider the advantages of an electric guitar. Electric guitars have steel strings that convert the vibration of your strums into a radio frequency, which is then enhanced by an amplifier. Typically, this type of guitar is made of a single, non-hollowed block of wood or other lightweight material that has attached pick-ups as well as volume and tone dials. If you’re looking for an unplugged sound, this type of guitar may not be for you. The sound that is produced without an amplifier is distinctly minimal and only really enjoyable by those in very close proximity, but when you plug in; get ready for some face-melting tunes.

Many electric guitars also have a pickup switch. The pickup switch helps the user select which pickup they wish to use, each of which gives a unique tone. The pickups themselves are oriented right underneath the strings of your guitar, beneath the fretboard, attached to the body itself. They work magnetically utilizing Faraday’s law to conduct a magnetic field through copper wire, which thusly generates an electric charge that is then translated to sound by the amplifier. Most of the time there are three unique pickups and five settings on the pickup switch. The first three settings select the pickup to use, and the remaining two blends different pickups for varying sounds.

The knobs and dials on this type of guitar can also make for a truly unique playing experience, as they help to blend the sounds coming from the pickups. Whereas the pickup switch has preset tones; the knobs allow for more potential variations. Many guitars have three, but there are some models that have up to five; each doing something unique to the tone that the guitar produces while plugged into an amplifier. The volume knob is fairly self explanatory when you don’t have a distortion effect on your amplifier, but when you do the volume knob adjusts gain.

Dependent on the model, electric guitars can also come with a vibrato bar. A vibrato is when you vibrate the string once you have a note ringing out to add a tremulous effect to the note. The bar lets you execute a vibrato even when playing open notes or notes where you don’t touch the fret board.

Electric guitars come in either 3+3 or 6 in-line headstock varieties. The popular Fender Stratocaster is a 6 in-line type and the model popularized by the late BB King, the Gibson Lucile, sports a 3+3 headstock arrangement. Headstock doesn’t affect play, but definitely has a notable influence on a guitar’s aesthetics. The 3+3 has a more classic look that is great for blues, while the 6 in-line can look more modern with a rock influence.

Epiphone LP Special II Les Paul Beginner Guitar Review

​Anyone who’s ever held a guitar probably imagined themselves on a huge stage at one point or another. Picture it, thousands of fans in front of you and you rocking on your Gibson Les Paul Standard. However, if you are not a professional guitarist, chances are you will not be inclined to buy a guitar that costs $ 3, 000. So what is the alternative? Complete beginners find Epiphone’s LP Special II to be a great-sounding instrument that closely resembles the Gibson Standard model, which considered one of the most expensive guitars in the world.

​Features of Epiphone LP Special II Les Paul Electric Guitar

​It is actually pretty amazing how Epiphone managed to cram a lot of cool features in this model and still keep the cost at an all-time low; truly a testament to their great guitar-building history and craftsmanship. The high-quality basswood body is no better or worse, and the difference in sound is noticeable only to very astute professionals.

  • Neck and fretboard – Basswood body is complemented nicely by the bolt-on, D-shaped mahogany neck. It has a 24.75-inch scale length, perfectly identical to Les Paul Standard. Rosewood fingerboard completes the look, featuring 22 frets.
  • LockTone Tune-o-matic Bridge – Changing strings is a hassle, but eventually you’ll be forced to do it. This guitar is fitted with a LockTune bridge and a stop-bar tailpiece that improves sustain, but also makes string changing a frustration-free job!
  • 700T/650R open-coil humbucking pickups – A great set of pickups is what makes this guitar so enviably good. They will deliver long notes, sustaining the sound very well and there is no doubt that you will easily produce those true Les Paul tones!
Advantages of Epiphone LP Special II Les Paul

  • Cutaway body – Beginner guitarists often have difficulty starting out; reaching frets closer to the body can be exhausting and needs practice. This model has a cutaway body that gives you a bit more free space to work with, allowing you to produce every note with ease.
  • Lifetime warranty – Make sure to return your registration card no later than 15 days from the date of delivery. That way you will qualify for a lifetime limited warranty, which covers faulty materials and poor workmanship.
  • Les Paul quality – Even though Epiphone has factories all over the world, their guitars are shipped from the States, and every single piece of this particular model is inspected by Les Paul quality team. Between Epiphone’s 140-year long history of making instruments, and Les Paul-level quality check, you can rest assured that you are getting a top-notch instrument!

Some buyers note their disappointment with the controls on this model. There are only two – tone and volume, but the guitar is also fitted with a three-way pickup switch. That said, those buyers readily admit that they did not presume that this is an entry-level instrument (considering how great it is, judging by the rest of their comments), and most other users that are just starting out say that the fewer controls they have to fiddle with, the better.

Bottom Line

If you are on the market for a great, but affordable electric guitar, then your search has come to an end. Epiphone LP Special II Les Paul Electric Guitar is a great instrument, predominately geared toward guitar beginners, but praised by professionals as well. Whether you are buying it for yourself or as a present for your musically-inclined child, if you buy Epiphone you can rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth and more!​

Bass Guitars

Dean E09M

In the guitar world, nothing sounds more soulful than the base variation. This type of guitar is available in four or five strings as well as in the 2+2 or 4 in-line varieties. Five string bases are also available in the in-line style. If you’re looking for that deep, thrumming sound, base guitars are what you’ve been searching for. Many bass guitars tend to have a slightly longer neck than their guitar cousins and the strings tend to be much thicker. Any of the prior types of guitar can be played with either pick or fingers, but the bass guitar experiences the greatest sound variation when choosing either method. Bass guitarists tend to rest their fingers on the large pickups while fingering, which is fairly unique to this type of instrument.

Basses can also utilize an amplifier; and while you can get by on a standard guitar amp, the sound won’t be very good. There is also the chance of damaging your amp’s speakers when the deep sound of the base fills the room. As a beginner, if you want to hear the best sound come out of your bass guitar, then you’ll have to get a bass amp.

As they also can be played with an amp, bass guitars also have knobs, which interact with the humbuckers or single coil pickups under the strings. Humbuckers, which are features that can be found on some electric guitars, work similarly to pickups, but they work using a slightly different principle. As with electric guitars, the knobs interact directly with the pickups or humbuckers, and they help to establish the tone and treble of the guitar.

When seeking a great bass guitar it’s wise to have an idea of the actual guitar’s dimensions. Purchasing one online can cause a bit of a surprise, especially when the neck can be much longer than a traditional electric guitar. Learning how to play guitar on a bass that is too long for you can be a daunting experience, especially if the bass is for a person who is not fully grown.

Dean E09M Beginner Guitar Reviews

If you are in the process of learning how to play a bass guitar – or if you are a professional that likes to mix things up and add good axes to your collection – we can wholeheartedly recommend this excellent Dean E09M, electric bass guitar model. It is a great model that offers a rather high value-to-price ratio, and it should definitely be high on your to-buy list, especially if you need a bass that delivers a quality tone and is made by experts who know that durability and quality of make are both hallmarks of a quality instrument.

Features of Dean E09M​

Dean E09M is the most affordable item in the prestigious Edge line. This bass weighs around 7 pounds, making it light enough for first-timers so they are not get easily overwhelmed. The entire guitar is 40-inches long, with a 34-inch maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard and features classic abalone inlays.​

  • 22-fret model – Even though a lot of guitars are 22-fret model guitars, in the particular case of E09M this actually means something as you have full access to high frets. Thanks to the cutaway body (and that is one deep cut), and Dean’s custom joint, accessing high notes will not hard at all!
  • Dean passive pickup – Passive pickups give you a little less control when it comes to fine-tuning your sound. They will, however, provide you with a warm, round tone that most bass players have come to love and appreciate. You can use the controls to cut treble and bass frequencies, so you will have to adjust your playing style a bit when playing with this model.
  • Basswood body – Bass guitar is a difficult instrument to master, so regular practice is a must. The great thing about this particular bass is that the body is made from basswood, which significantly reduces its weight without affecting the sound adversely.

Advantages of Dean E09M

  • Affordable quality – As we already mentioned, this is the cheapest addition to Dean’s Edge line, known industry-wide to be all about quality. You will be hard-pressed to find an electric bass guitar that outperforms this one unless you are willing to spend over $ 500 on a high-end Fender bass.
  • Great finish – Most players dislike the basswood because of its unappealing finish. Dean side-stepped this problem by layering the surface with some great-looking mahogany so the guitar is not only lightweight but also looks great.
  • Easy to tune die-cast tuners – This guitar is fitted with high-quality, die-cast tuners that will allow you to fine-tune it in a matter of seconds. No more fiddling around with the strings; tuning will be easy and straight-forward.

While this is a great guitar for those just starting out, keep in mind that you won’t be able to play it right from the box. It comes completely assembled, but you will have to fine-tune it to adjust the action that is too low so the strings tend to rattle against the frets. Simple adjustments to the neck and the saddle will sort this problem out.

Bottom Line​

In conclusion, we would like to add that this particular model comes in four, five, and six-string variants so you can take your pick and get the one that best suits your playing style. Dean E09M Edge Mahogany Electric Bass Guitar is a great addition to your guitar collection, especially if you’re trying to add a bit of diversity to it and still keep your costs low. However, we find that it is a great instrument for complete guitar beginners, who will find it easy to master and user-friendly!​


Ibanez Artcore AF55 Hollow-Body

Do you want to kick out a soulful unplugged ballad, but also want to add a little power to your licks every now and then? Then, a semi-acoustic or electro acoustic guitar may be the right instrument for you. Typically, this type of guitar sports a hollow body to produce dulcet tones without the assistance of an amplifier. Most hollow bodied electric acoustic guitars have a lead that’s designed to be plugged in to an amp as well. This type of hybrid guitar is a jack of all trades, but typically it doesn’t employ electric only features such as a whammy or vibrato bar.

Hybrids can be great when looking for a wider range of ability and this type guitar does not disappoint. Smooth sound and easy adjustment are two of the key factors of electric acoustic guitars. The knobs can be present on the body of this type, or it can be added as a panel to the musician facing side of the instrument for easy tone adjustment. For the type that have a tone panel, some models even have a on-board tuner, which makes this type of instrument a good guitar for beginners.

There aren’t many negatives with this type of guitar save for what can be said of many hybrid styled instruments, you won’t necessarily get as full a sound playing it as a standard acoustic and full electrics can sound slightly better when plugged into an amplifier. This is not necessarily the case for all semi-acoustics, and results can certainly vary with each guitar and amplifier combination. Regardless of this potential limitation, these make for good guitars, especially for beginners.

Ibanez Artcore AF55 Hollow-Body Beginner Guitar Review

Ibanez’s Artcore AF55 Hollow model is a prime example of a semi-acoustic guitar, which means that it has both a sound box and electric pickups. It combines the best of the both worlds, allowing you to really play a diverse range of styles without having to purchase two or more different guitars. If you are dead-set on playing the guitar and want a real beast of an instrument that you can deliver full, warm notes, you should definitely take a look at this model!

Features of Ibanez Artcore AF55 Hollow-Body​

One of the defining characteristics of an Ibanez Artcore AF55 is its completely hollow body. This means that there are no sound blocks in the sound box, as you will see in many other semi-acoustic guitars. The resulting tone is very different because of that, complex, warm, and rich; definitely something that will appeal to the musical purist lurking within.​

  • Tune-o-matic Bridge – Ibanez fitted this guitar with a tune-o-matic bridge. Changing strings is a bore, and even professional players sometimes struggle with it. This bridge facilitates the entire process, so beginner players can devote more time to playing, and less to fiddling with strings.
  • Maple body – Maple has long been associated with acoustic guitars. It is a bit heavier than a combination of maple and other wood, but the result is an extremely precise, bright tone that has tight lows.
  • Infinity-R passive pickups – Humbuckers are placed at the neck and the bridge of the guitar, and you can control them with a three-way toggle switch, master, and volume knobs. Passive pickups really work great on this guitar as they reflect the player’s style; a great trait for those playing jazz or blues.
Advantages of Ibanez Artcore AF55 Hollow-Body

  • Clear sound – This guitar has a clear crisp tone that is great for blues and jazz-oriented players. Thanks to its completely hollow body, the tone is rich and warm. Ibanez has a forty-year-old tradition in making acoustic guitars, and this one really packs everything they the company has learned in that period.
  • Set-in mahogany neck – This guitar features a set-in neck, something that is appreciated by guitar connoisseurs because it makes the connection much stronger, and reduces the possibility of accidental breakage. Mahogany finish on the neck.
  • Versatile – If you decide to go with this Ibanez model you will be able to play a whole range of different styles and genres. Plugged or unplugged, it won’t really matter since you are definitely investing in a two-in-one solution.

Even though most buyers agree that this is an excellent guitar, hands down, some point out that feedback is an issue in some melodic keys. They note that this happens exclusively if you are standing too close to amplifiers, so a quick and easy solution is to put some distance between you and them.

Bottom Line​

When all is said and done, we were really surprised to find how affordable this quality guitar really is. Ibanez Artcore AF55 Hollow-Body Electric Guitar is a bit pricier than other entry-level guitars, but the point is that it’s essentially an all-in-one solution, intended for enthusiasts who like to keep their options open when it comes to the type of music they’ll be playing. Definitely a smart, and life-long, investment!​

Resonator Guitars

Gretsch G9200 Roundneck Boxcar

Like a little twang in your music? This type of guitar is perfect for the folksy, country music beginner. They produce a rich, metallic sound, which is hard to emulate on any of the other guitars in this guide. As these types use metal cones to produce the deep ringing sound, a beginner should know what they’re getting, if they are interested in purchasing one. Typically, played without an amplifier, these acoustic guitars are perfect for the beginner musician who wants to take his or her show on the road. This ability to be unplugged makes this type one of the best instruments for learning to play the guitar.

Even though this is an acoustic style instrument, this guitar has amazing volume. As a rule, even steel string acoustic guitars and their classical cousins need a microphone to carry the sound they produce in a large room, which is not the case with resonators. The sound they produce can reach listeners in the back row of any venue, but it is perfect for small to mid-sized venues. The sound this type of guitar produces is so unique that a beginner who enjoys folk or country music will be pleased to play it as often as possible.

For a beginner, there is one caveat; this guitar produces a very robust sound, typically without volume control, so it’s not best played where it would disturb others. Also, resonator can be among the most expensive guitars, but typically the guitar makes up for the cost difference with quality construction.

Gretsch G9200 Roundneck Boxcar Beginner Guitar Review

If you are blue-grassy sort of person, then this Gretsch G9200 Boxcar resonator guitar will definitely be your cup of tea! Extremely well-made, it produces a rich, rustic tone that will blend in great with your style of play. Also, we should mention that it is an absolute beauty to look at. You will notice right off the bat that it is quite easy to play. If you are just starting to play, or if you’re new to this whole idea of resonator guitars, consider this model. Its price-to-value ratio makes it a great entry-level guitar, and it is selling at a very affordable price.

Features of Gretsch G9200 Roundneck Boxcar​

One of the first things you are going to notice is the vintage feel and the look of the guitar. From the design of the neck, and that semi-glossy finish, all the way to the intricately-designed spider resonator, this Gretsch model really looks like something that fell out of the 1930s!​

  • Ampli-sonic hand-spun resonator – The heart of this guitar is its hand-spun resonator that was produced in Eastern Europe, and its intricate spider cone and bridge are made out of 99% pure aluminum. It produces a constant and balanced tone with ease.
  • Mahogany body and neck – The entire neck and the body, including the back and the sides, is made from plywood laminated with mahogany. It is finished in a semi-glossy tone that gives it a nice vintage look, but also enhances the tone.
  • Rosewood fretboard – The guitar is fitted with a rosewood fretboard, so it is recommended that you occasionally treat it with conditioning oil, to ensure its playability and durability. It is decorated with faux mother of pearl headstock that, while cheap, gives it a nice flashy look.
Advantages of Gretsch G9200 Roundneck Boxcar

  • Extremely light – Thanks to the materials used – namely mahogany, plywood, and aluminum – this guitar is very light. Some might take issue with that, but it’s actually an advantage for beginners who are unaccustomed to bulky and heavy guitars.
  • Easy to play – This resonator is extremely easy to play and it can thank its straight neck and relatively low action for that. The spacing between the strings is wide enough so it allows for some complicated picking without accidentally hitting two strings at the same time.
  • Well-balanced tone – While you won’t get that raw and wild tone out of this resonator, it still manages to produce clearly defined and nicely articulated tones. The overall sound is very tight and balanced.

Some buyers note that the light construction of this guitar gives it an appearance and feel of being flimsy and not well-made, making them doubt its durability. However, some point out that the guitar is holding its own even after years of playing, so that really goes to show that, at Gretsch, they really know how to build delicate, but long-lasting guitars.

Bottom Line​

If you’re looking to spice up your sound and have always wanted to test out a resonator guitar, this model might just prove to be a perfect catch. Gretsch G9200 Boxcar Round-Neck Resonator Guitar offers a great bluegrass playing experience, but the best thing is that you will not have to break the bank to buy one, as it is relatively affordable!​

What to Look for in a Good Beginner Guitar?

Before you decide which type of guitar you want to learn to play on, it is important to consider the different features you will want on your guitar. Certain aspects are needed on all guitars, even for someone who is just learning how to play guitar. Here are some key aspects to consider before you purchase your first guitar.​

  • Fret board – The design and the style of your fret board is dependent on your specific style, but it does need to be a consideration for other reasons before making a purchase. Make sure the entire fret board is straight. Make sure every note on the fret board plays cleanly to assure that the frets are not worn down. Fret work can be more expensive that the actual cost of the guitar, so do not buy a guitar with any damage to the fret board. Also, make sure to check the neck area of the guitar for any hairline cracks in the paint, which could be an indication of additional unseen damage.
  • Vibrato Bar – Check to make sure that the vibrato bar is designed to go with the actual guitar you are looking to purchase. Check the inner workings of the vibrato system to make sure that the sound can be produced and the springs are working properly. Sometimes a guitar can have a stabilizer attached to it, which is an unacceptable way to purchase a new guitar.
  • Intonation – Always play a guitar before purchasing it. Make sure that the strings produce the sound you are looking for and that the guitar itself stays in tune after playing chords for a few minutes. If it does sound out of tune, make sure to have a full setup done on the guitar before purchasing it to assure that extra work is not required.